Great American Bronze Works, Inc.


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Gene Autry with David Spellerberg

Gene Autry and David Spellerberg with the statue Spirit of America
Five stars on the Walk of Fame,
Good Will Ambassador, Patriot,
A real role model

Jackie Autry

Jackie Autry
Her guidance and leadership brought Gene's dream of a world class museum to a reality for all to enjoy.

Former Presidents Reagan and Bush

Former U.S. Presidents
Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush
Clients and collectors of bronze sculptures by Great American Bronze Works

Laurance Rockefeller with David Spellerberg

Laurance Rockefeller
Philanthropist, conservationist, financier and supporter of Great American Bronze Works

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwarzenegger
in his office with "Pride"
A respected friend and supporter.

Burt Reynolds with David Spellerberg

Burt Reynolds,
A friend and former partner in the Rodeo Drive Gallery

Michael Wayne

Michael Wayne
with "Spirit of America"
A loyal friend and supporter from the beginning

Governor Jesse Ventura and David Spellerberg

Governor Jesse Ventura
with "Pride"

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Sylvester Stallone with David Spellerberg

Sylvester Stallone
A creative genius and dramatic artist himself
on the set of Judge Dredd 1995

Tom Selleck and his brother Bob with David Spellerberg

Founder David Spellerberg with Tom Selleck and his brother Bob Selleck

Terry Maglich

Terry Maglich with "Black Stallion"
Founder of Black Stallion Winery in Napa Valley, CA

Butch Otter with David Spellerberg

Butch Otter
Idaho Governor, Cowboy,
Western art collector,
A great guy

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Gary Nesen

Gary Nesen
Mega car dealer, eternal optimist,
and best friend

Henry Trione

Henry Trione
Former Raiders owner with
Equestrian Way
Respected by all.

Dennis Washington

Dennis Washington
Forbes 400, Copper Barron,
Railroad Magnet and
Yachtsman extraordinaire

Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Dr. Robert H. Schuller
with "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil"
Architectural genius, what an inspiration!

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Dennis Lieberthal

Dennis Lieberthal
Pro Baseball Scout and gentle giant with "Bogie Frogawski"

Mike Stier with bronze statue

Mike Stier
Founder, Stier Leisure Vehicle,
a loyal friend
The BIG DOG of Bakersfield

Ambassador Glen Holden

Ambassador Glen Holden
A Modern Day Renaissance Man
Total class in every way

Mike Konle

Mike Konle
Founder of Champion Crane in
Los Angeles with "Barbeque Bud"

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Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider
with "Leap Frogs"
Vintage Club Palm Desert, CA

Sidney Niekerk

Sidney Niekerk
NHCS Gallery Investor with
"Spirit of Ecstasy"
A true friend from the beginning

Fred Segal

Fred Segal
Clothing Designer Extraordinaire
with "Silent Thunder"
A creative genious

Irwin Belk

Irwin Belk
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Ambassador, Connosseuir

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Siegfried and Roy with David Spellerberg

Siegfried and Roy
with Founder David L. Spellerberg and son David Jr.

Jim Barker

Jim Barker
Friend and supporter, with his Best Buddy Chico the "Standing Chimp"

Tom Grant

Tom Grant
Founder of Grant Construction,
Patriot and Friend

Charles Loudermilk

Charles Loudermilk
Founder of Aaron Rents

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Bill Morrow

Bill Morrow
Entrepreneur, Developer, Avid Golfer and Restauranteur
A true friend and supporter

Tom Mahoney

Tom and Kathy Mahoney
Clothing Entrepreneurs, Avid golfers

Mike Heisley with Massasoit

Mike Heisley
Entrepreneur and philanthropist, inspiring in every way, with "Massasoit"

Boeckmann Family at Galpin

Boeckmann Family
Galpin Motor Co. #1 Ford Dealer in the World

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Marshall Cheshrown

Marshall Cheshrown
A true Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Devoted reining horse enthusiast with world class facility

Mike and Jan Salta

Mike and Jan Salta
Former Mega Car Dealer and entrepreneur

Mike and Jan Salta

Tony and Mary Tesoro
proudly display"Froggie Jones"
Behind me from the beginning

Dr. Ed Feldman and David Spellerberg

Dr. Ed Feldman
An American hero.
A first class guy
all the way

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Fess Parker with David Spellerberg

Fess Parker
A real Star with charisma that is timeless; a hero to all

Louis Bell

Mr and Mrs. Louis Bell with
"Let's be Friends"
A true friend

Polo Player

Michael and Geannie Sheller
A Special Thanks!

Lu Barnes

Lu Barnes
A patron of the arts, friend and loyal supporter

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Old Glory displayed thanks to the McIntyre Co.

The McIntyre Company
Developing West Covina
A family success story

Lamar Muse

Lamar Muse
Entreprenuer, airline maverick, unique individual
A real legend

Ambassador Robert D. Nesen

Ambassador Robert D. Nesen
Leader, Confidante, Patriot, Entrepreneur, Respected by all.

Dr. Alex Villicana with Taking a Break II

Dr. Alex Villicana
An artist himself as a plastic surgeon,
standing with "Taking A Break II"

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Johnny Miscione

Johnny Miscione
"A sole of a shoe maker"
The one and only
Giovanni Miscione

David Spellerberg with James Parks

James R. Parks
Chairman of RCMI, Trustee of the Autry National Center, Western Art Collector
Inspiring to be around

Chuck Watson

Chuck Watson
Houston Texas Businessman and Community Leader
An eagle enthusiast

Tom Chauncey

Tom Chauncey
An art collector and renowned breeder of Arabian horses

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Don Adolph

Don Adolph
Mayor of Palm Springs

Fausto Yturria

Fausto Yturria
A real Texan rancher
With incredible taste

Bob Pond

Bob Pond
Philanthropist, ultimate collector, aviation enthusiast, the real BIG DOG of the Desert

Joe Weider

Joe Weider
Trainer of Champions, entrepreneur, art connoisseur, visionary of Health and Fitness

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Alliance of the Arts

Alliance of the Arts
Thousand Oaks, California

Ed and Lynn Gall

Ed and Lynn Gall
Long time collectors of my work
Enjoying the moment

Jana Wacker

Jana Wacker
A modern day Renaissance Woman
Class and elegance in every way

Don Mathis

Don Mathis
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
with the Midas touch

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Lance Holt

Lance Holt
A 20th century stock broker who transformed into a 21st century cowboy

OC Sheriff Brad Gates

Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates.
A friend and supporter, one of the really great guys in a white hat.

Dennis Mullen

Dennis Mullen
CEO of Red Robin Restaurants

Irwin Helford

Irwin and Betty Helford
Giving in every way
Philanthropist, entrepreneur extrordinaire

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Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams with "Bull Moose"
International Corporate Executive
Friend and supporter

Ed Rogers and son Jack with David Spellerberg

Edward Rogers
A very proud and devoted father to all of his children.
With son, Jack, and David L. Spellerberg

Lonnie Anderson with David Spellerberg

Loni Anderson
and elegance

Joris Brinkerhoff

Joris Brinkerhoff
Polo, exotic cars, golf, Wildcat Oilman; Joris has done it all!

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Gene Mako

Gene Mako
World Class tennis player and art connoisseur
Respected friend

Donald Parker

Donald Parker
A Real Life "Injin" who made it big in the "White Man's" world. A loyal friend and supporter, respected by all who know him.

Al Annexstad with David Spellerberg

Al Annexstad
Chairman, President and CEO of Federated Insurance

Alex Madonna and David Spellerberg

Alex Madonna
of the Madonna Inn
What a creative giant!

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Pretend City Children's Museum

Pretend City Children's Museum
in Irvine, CA
With various commissioned custom bronze sculptures

Ron and Shelly Tamkin

Ron and Shelly Tamkin

Roger Haughton

Roger Haughton

Gary Wales

Gary Wales
"The Prince of Wales"

Derek Povah with David L. Spellerberg

Derek Povah's knowledge of the Old West, horsemanship, and guns that created the myths and legends of our heritage is inspiring to all who have the privilege to call Derek a friend.

A 35 year collection of My Patrons of the Arts

Over 35 years in the business of creating and casting "The Finest in Bronze Sculpture."

We are Proud of our Clientele.
These leaders are but a few of the collectors who own bronze sculptures created by Great American Bronze Works, Inc.

Laurance Rockefeller – Philanthropist, Environmentalist, Forbes 400
Barron Hilton – Hilton Corporation, Forbes 400
Dennis Washington – Philanthropist, Washington Companies, Horatio Alger Member, Forbes 400
H. Ross Perot – C.E.O. Perot Systems, Presidential Candidate, Forbes 400
Leonard Firestone – (The Late), Philanthropist, Forbes 400
Robert Brittingham – Dal Briar Corporation, Dallas Real Estate, Forbes 400
B. Wayne Hughes – C.E.O. Public Storage, Thoroughbred Horses, Forbes 400
Mike Heisley, Sr. - Manufacturing, NBA Memphis Grizzlies, Philanthropist, Forbes 400
David Murdock - Investments, Dole Foods, Castle & Cooke Real Estate, GOP Fundraiser, Forbes 400
Harold Simmons - Waste management, Computer components, Forbes 400
Ken Hendricks - Building supplies, ABC Supply, Investor, Forbes 400
Tim and Edra Blixseth – Lumber Magnate, Founder The Yellowstone Club, Forbes 400
Edward S. Rogers – President and C.E.O. Rogers Communications Inc, Toronto, Canada, Significant Sigma Chi
Seward Prosser Mellon – Mellon Banking, Forbes 400
Philip Anschutz – The Anschutz Corp., World Class American Fine Art Collection, Horatio Alger Member, Forbes 400
William Pennington – Circus Circus Casinos, Forbes 400
Robert McNair – Owner of Houston Texans Football Team, Thoroughbred Owner, Significant Sigma Chi, Forbes 400
Bob Magness – (The Late), Founder T.C.I. Incorporated, Forbes 400
H. Wayne Huizenga – Blockbuster Video, Founder Auto Nation, Owner of the Miami Dolphins, Forbes 400
Harris and Bonnie Hudson – Waste Management, Part Owner of the Florida Marlins and Panthers, Forbes 400
Louis Gonda – International Lease Finance Corp., Forbes 400
Melvin Simon - Real Estate, Shopping centers, Forbes 400
Jacqueline Mars – Mars, Inc., Forbes 400
Richard Haworth – Chairman Haworth Inc., Forbes 400
H.R.H. Prince Abdul - Aziz Al-Ibrahin – Saudi Arabia, 2nd wealthiest man in the world, Forbes 200 in the World
King Fahad of Saudi Arabia
Gene Autry – (The Late), CA Angels, Founder, Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Horatio Alger Member, Forbes 400
Richard Rainwater – Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Investor, Forbes 400
Darla Moore – C.E.O. of Rainwater Inc., Investor, “Toughest Babe in Business”
Joan Kroc – Philanthropist, Former Owner San Diego Padres, McDonalds, Forbes 400
Bud Adams – Owner Houston Oilers, Major Western Art Collector, Philanthropist, Significant Sigma Chi
George Steinbrenner – Owner New York Yankees
Jerry McMorris – Owner Colorado Rockies
Edward DeBartolo – Shopping centers, DeBartolo Property Group, Former Owner San Francisco 49ers, Forbes 400
Georgia Frontiere – Owner Los Angeles Rams
President George W. Bush
President Ronald Reagan
Governor Jesse Ventura
Ambassador Robert D. Nesen
Ambassador Daryl Arnold – (The Late)
Ed and Lynn Hogan - The Hogan Foundation, Hawaiian Travel Guru, Philanthropist
Ambassador Glen Holden – World Class Polo Team and Player
Gunter Sachs – German Industrialist, Heir to Fichtel & Sachs-Werke
Dr. Robert Schuller – The Crystal Cathedral, Horatio Alger Member
Fred Mannix – World Class Polo Team and Player, C.E.O. Manvest, Inc., Canada
Dr. Madison Richardson – Circuit Governor, U.S. Polo Association
Tim Gannon – Outback Steakhouse, World Class Polo Player
Chris McCarron – Professional Jockey
Gene Mako – World Class Tennis Player, American Impressionist Art Collector
Fred Couples – Professional Golfer
Tom Fazio – World Renowned Designer of Golf Courses
Bill Morrow – Founder of The Quarry Golf Course, Red Robin Restaurants
R.D. Hubbard – C.E.O. Hollywood Park, Big Horn Country Club, World Class Art Collection
Emmett McCoy – McCoy Building & Supply Centers, Texas
Chuck Watson – C.E.O. Dynegy Inc., Houston, Texas
Eugene Van Dyke – Chairman and Founder Vanco Energy Co., Texas
William J. Dore – Chairman & C.E.O. Global Industries, Horatio Alger Member
Marcia Forsythe-Fournier – Indeck Power Equipment Co.
Jerry Forsythe – Indeck Power Equipment Co., CART (Forsythe Racing)
Roger Beach – Retired Chairman and C.E.O. Unocal
Luke Corbett – Chairman and C.E.O. Kerr McGee
Ted Orden – President, Owner Thrifty Oil Co.
Jerry Herbst – C.E.O. Terrible Herbst Oil Company
Anthony J. Tesoro – President Jones and Associates, Institutional Stock Broker, Philanthropist
Samuel Toscano, Jr. – C.E.O. Neuman Distributors
Dr. William Mow – C.E.O. Bugle Boy Jeans
Finis Conner – Founder Conner Peripherals, Co-Founder Seagate Technology Inc., Fortune 500
John Wayne Family
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor, Fitness Promoter, Entrepreneur, Governor
Sylvester Stallone – Actor, Renowned Artist, World Class Art Collector
Burt Reynolds – Actor and Extensive Western Art Collector
Clint Eastwood – Actor, Director
Charlton Heston – Actor
Jimmy Stewart – (The Late), Actor, Philanthropist
Jack Palance – Actor, Artist
Tom Selleck – Actor, Significant Sigma Chi
Goldie Hawn – Actress, Director
Robert Wagner – Actor
Jon Peters – Entertainment Industry
Dick Clark – American Bandstand, Founder Dick Clark Productions, “Timeless”
Randy Travis – Country Western Singer, Actor
Wayne Newton – Entertainer, Extensive Art Collector
Travis Tritt – Country Western Singer
Marty Stuart – Country Western Singer
Nikki Sixx – “Motley Crue” Rock-n-Roll Band
George Montgomery – Actor, Artist
Joe Weider – Publisher “Muscle and Fitness”, Extensive Fine Art Collector
Zuban Mehta – Symphony Conductor
E.A. Gregory – Founder United Shows of America
Gary Worth – Founder St. Eves Cosmetics
Barbara King – King World Syndication
Tom Chauncey – (The Late), World Class Arabian Horses, Arizona Land, Cattle, and Art Collector
James Hudson – C.E.O. Hudson Food, Inc.
Gordon Shultz – Shultz Steel
Carl Karcher – Founder Carl’s Jr., Philanthropist, Horatio Alger Member
Chris Sullivan – C.E.O. Outback Steakhouse
Norman Brinker – Founder Chili’s, Horatio Alger Member
Michael Focht – Retired President, Tenet Healthcare
Zane and Lu Barnes – Retired Chairman and C.E.O. Southwestern Bell (SBC Corp.)
Stanton Sheetz – C.E.O. Sheetz, Inc.
Matt Walsh – C.E.O. The Walsh Group, Chicago, Illinois, Forbes 500 Private Company
L.J. Melody – Founder L.J. Melody & Assoc. Commercial Real Estate
Rick Caruso – C.E.O. Caruso Affiliated Holdings, Commercial Land Developer Extraordinaire
General William Lyon – The William Lyon Co., Avid car collector, Sigma Chi
John and Jean Hahn-Hardy – Philanthropist, Promoter of the Arts
W. Roger Haughton – C.E.O. PMI Group
Sid and Jenny Craig – Jenny Craig International, Thoroughbred Owner
William & Mary Reed – Owners Stonecrest Farm
Paul and Natalie Orfalea – Founder of Kinko’s Inc.
Ed Dunford – Retired President TRW
Paul Folino – Chairman & C.E.O. Emulex Corp., Philanthropist
Gary Donahee – President Americas Nortel Networks
Jeff Henley – C.F.O. Oracle
Jerry Rise – Founder Appain Graphics
Richard Sulpizio – Retired President & C.O.O. Qualcomm
Roy L. Ash – Co-Founder Litton Industries, Horatio Alger Member
Llamar Muse – Founder Southwest Airlines
Charles Probst – Philanthropist, Charles Probst Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA
Lindsey Williams – Retired International President Mattel Toy
John Albers – Former C.E.O. Dr. Pepper
Fred Segal – Philanthropist, Clothing Designer and Founder of Fred Segal
Irwin Belk – Belk Department Stores
Georges Marciano – Clothing Designer and Co-Founder of Guess, Inc., Real Estate Tycoon
Mervin Morris - Founder of Mervyn’s Department Stores
John Farrand – Former C.E.O. Panavision
Ron Jarvis – President Technicolor
Donald Parker – President American Insurance Consultants, Founder Chippewa Enterprises
Tom Barrett – World Class Car Collector
Robert Pond – World Class Aviation, Automotive and Art Collector
Bert Boeckmann – Owner and President, Galpin Motors Inc., #1 Ford Dealer in the World, Horatio Alger Member
Mike Salta – Owner Mike Salta Auto Group, Coast Cadillac
Cal Worthington – Owner Worthington Ford
Ken Norton – PST Trucking, Utah based
Marvin May – May Trucking, Oregon based
Gary McLean – Owner Interstate Distributor Co. (Trucking)
William Koch - founder and chief executive officer of Oxbow Carbon, Forbes 500 Private Company

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